Introduction and Mission Statement


PoroGen is a private Dutch life sciences company founded in 2007 and specializing in the development of processes and technologies to facilitate the free-form fabrication of biomaterials devices. Our proprietary technologies enable the production of porous constructs with designed 3D macroporous structures as well as customized implants to fit a patients unique anatomical geometry. The full spectrum of biomaterials, including polymers, ceramics, metals and composites, can be processed with our technologies. PoroGen focuses its efforts along two pathways - Biomaterials Services and Medical Implants.

PoroGen Biomaterial Services provides 3D reference scaffolds with designed macroporous architectures to support a broad spectrum of biomedical applications. Stock scaffolds are available and simple modifications can easily be made to meet specific requirements. Fully custom scaffold systems may also be developed and manufactured when necessary.

The Medical Implants group at PoroGen applies our unique manufacturing processes to the production of medical devices. PoroGen medical device services include the design and development of devices to meet customers specific needs and then manufacture these devices in our cGMP facility (starting end 2008). The scalable nature of our manufacturing technology allows PoroGen to accommodate production volumes from only a few devices to thousands per year.

Unique Selling Point

The manufacturing technology developed PoroGen enables design control of macroporous architectures. This allows not only the exterior shape but also the interior macroporous structure of the device to be designed and then manufactured. Manipulating the amount and distribution of porosity within a device has the potential to benefit the functionality of the device. Some of the ways in which porosity can be used include providing the desired space for tissue interaction, offering an appropriate volume for containing and delivering drug or cell based therapies as well as mimicking the mechanical or other properties of tissues.

Mission Statement

PoroGen aims to leverage its unique manufacturing processes to become a leading manufacturer of biomedical and medical devices with designed 3D macroporous architectures.